How Technology Helps The Elderly

There are a lot of jokes about how the elderly struggle to figure out modern technology. But actually modern technology is revolutionizing life for older people who want to retain their independence. Millions of people who want to remain independent and in their own homes can do that now because of modern technology. Check out some brilliant modern technology that is life changing for people with chronic health conditions or older people who don’t want to leave their homes:

Smart Home Systems

Household chores and maintenance tasks that used to make it difficult for older people or people with limited mobility to live alone can now be done through a swipe or the touch of a button. Things like turning lights on and off, watering the lawn, controlling the thermostat, locking the door and other household tasks, can be easily managed on a smart phone with smart home technology.

Online Shopping

One of the most difficult tasks for older people who want to remain in their homes is shopping. They need transportation or access to public transportation. They need to be well enough to walk up and down the aisles in a store. They may have trouble reading labels or receipts. And if the weather is bad they may have trouble getting out at all. But online shopping is a game changer for older people.

There are now grocery delivery services that can be accessed online or from a smart phone or tablet. People can shop online for all their groceries even fresh produce and dairy. And their order will be delivered the next day. They can use a credit card or check to pay for the order and the delivery person will put the heavy bags right into the kitchen for them. Home delivery of groceries and essentials means that older people don’t have to lug home heavy boxes and bags or worry about getting out in bad weather.

Many pharmacies now offer home delivery of prescription medication and over the counter medication too so that older people don’t have to worry about getting out to pick up prescriptions or going out when they’re already sick. And since these delivery services can be accessed from a smart phone or tablet they don’t even need a computer to use them.

Health Trackers

Another great piece of modern technology for seniors is the health tracker. Health trackers are like fitness trackers except that they monitor blood pressure and other vital systems. They are connected to a monitoring service so that if the person becomes ill, falls, or needs help they can alert the monitoring service just by pushing on the tracker. Since the trackers are worn on clothing or on the body help is always close by when it’s needed.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo featuring the Alexa personal assistant is a fantastic tool that can help older people manage daily living tasks. They can use voice controls to order items that they need or set up reminders. Alexa can tell them when it’s time to take medications or remind them about appointments. Alexa can also keep them connected to friends, family and emergency services. From anywhere in the room they can tell Alexa to email or contact a friend or loved one. There are dozens of ways that using the Amazon Echo can help them live alone comfortably and safely. Alexa can also play music, read audio books and perform other entertainment services. If you have a loved one that lives alone and is elderly or has a chronic health problem an Amazon Echo would be a fantastic gift that would help them stay safe and stay in their own homes.

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Top Apps To Watch TV

There are various apps out there to watch great TV. Whether it is shows from your favorite TV networks like ABC and NBC, or original shows, there’s an endless amount of apps to choose. We have narrowed down for your the top apps to watch tv shows on.


Netflix is full of original-content TV shows to watch along with your favorite network shows. Some popular network shows airing on Netflix include The Flash, Supernatural, Agents of Shield, The Blacklist and Bones. However, Netflix is known for creating its own TV shows. Among those shows are Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Black Mirror, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s most recent series, Stranger Things, has gained lots of press with its young cast and the recent release of the Season 2 trailer at the Super Bowl. With that in mind, the questions everyone wants to know are, 1) Who is the new monster this season?, and 2) Will Barb return?. Besides TV shows, Netflix offers many great movies and kids programming. You can try Netflix for a month free trial and after that, the price per month ranges from $7.99 to $11.99.


Hulu is great for anyone who LOVES TV shows. Hulu shows almost all the shows from the major network station like NBC, FOX, ABC, CW, and Freeform. It does have some CBS shows but not all of them. Some popular shows Hulu includes are Timeless, The Bachelor, Shadowhunters, Grimm, and Blindspot. The amount of TV shows are endless! Hulu does have some original content shows but not as many as Netflix. Some of these shows include The Mindy Project, The Path, Shut Eye, Difficult People, and Casual. You can try one week free and then sign-up for a limited commercial $7.99 subscription or a no commercial $11.99 subscription.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is known for having great original content tv shows along with past seasons of popular shows you cannot view anywhere else! Some of these shows include Doctor Who, The Americans, Downton Abbey, The Night Manager, and Vikings. Amazon Prime also exclusively has PBS shows such as Mercy Street, Endeavour, Grantchester, and Mr. Selfridge. They also have many original series you can dive into including The Collection, The Grand Tour, Sneaky Pete, Red Oaks, Mozart in the Jungle, Goliath, and The Man in the High Castle.

Highly anticipated Amazon Prime Originals include The Tick and The Last Tycoon starring Matt Bomer, Lily Collins, and Kelsey Grammer. My personal favorite is The Man in the High Castle because is a combination of drama, action, romance, and an alternate reality! With the Amazon Prime subscription of $99 p/year or $10.99 p/month, you get access to thousands of books and music plus free two-day shipping! Test this out with a free trial!


HBO is full of original content shows you have to watch. The biggest tv show from this past year was Westworld. I won’t spoil it for you but the season end was a SHOCKER. HBO’s popular series Girls, is going into its last season. Other shows on HBO include Veep, Big Little Lies and of course, Game of Thrones! The HBO app also include its other past shows such as True Blood, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, and Empire. True Blood is a great binge-watching show when you have free time! HBO is free with eligible tv provider subscriptions otherwise, it is $14.99 p/month.

Depending on the shows you like to watch, choose the best app for you. There are no bad decisions! Happy watching!